Fellowship And Christian Encouragement
for Educators


Fellowship And Christian Encouragement (FACE) for Educators exists to encourage and pray for Educators and their schools. We are entering our 16th year of serving God by equipping Christian educators to start and sustain a prayer and encouragement group at their schools with our weekly devotionals and prayer support. We consider it an honor to have schools across the United States and around the world share their prayer requests with us so that we can lift them up to the throne of Almighty God.

We get letters from our members all year round thanking us for FACE. They are messages of God’s perfect timing, as a devotional was meant “Just for them at this time.” We hear from teachers who were ready to hang up their chalk and find another job, but are now re-energized to continue in the “Mission field” of their classroom for another twenty years or longer. We also rejoice as we hear of God’s many answers to prayer, from healing to strength, peace to resolved problems, prayers extending from personal situations, health, tragedy, school violence, students, families, school issues and more; and God has heard their prayers and provided in a way that only Almighty God can.

It is our prayer that you will start a FACE group at your school. Yes, this is legal in public schools; you can meet whenever you are not on paid time to supervise students. Groups meet before and after school or during lunch - some schools have groups that meet at all different times throughout the week so every Educator who is interested can participate. You only need one other person to pray with to get started. We do not charge dues or fees of any kind. FACE is free to all Educators; we operate only on charitable donations from those who want to help encourage Educators. We hope that you will join the thousands of other Educators who are blessed with a Christian support group at their school to help them journey through the year.



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